There are two registration options:

  • FULL registration (80 EUR): includes attendance to all tutorials and students' presentations
  • PARTIAL registration (40 EUR): includes attendance to a single selected tutorial and students' presentations
The registration fees will be used to grant an honorarium to all the guest speakers for their valuable effort.

Certificate of attendance will be provided to each participant upon completion of the school.

Register here

IMPORTANT: During the registration (4 steps) you will be asked to take two decisions at:

  • Step 2
    • Participant: Registration Tickets
    • Participant electronic invoice: Registration Tickets
Please select electronic invoice only if you are an Italian citizen working for a PUBLIC INSTITUTION, which will DIRECTLY pay your fee. If you are paying with your credit card this is not needed.
  • Step 4
    • I will pay later
    • I will pay with my credit card
If you select "I will pay later" the system will show you the information needed to pay via bank transfer. Then, you have 5 days to finalize the bank transfer.